Revenue Management




Charging and billing as a service provides significant efficiency gains



Billing accuracy can be optimised with proven billing solutions



Qvantel’s experience results in high flexibility for monetisation models

Revenue Management


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Rating & Billing Solution

Calculates charges, applying them to the subscriber, collecting billable events registered to the system and generating invoices.

Billing Configuration Management

Oversees the billing operations execution and quality, allowing profit optimisation and creating customer satisfaction via billing accuracy.

Accounts ReCeivable

Manages information on accounts, taxation, currency, vouchers and interfaces with General Ledger.

Fraud Detection

Protects you and your customers. Based on traffic analysis Qvantel’s solution can push notification SMSs to customer and trigger barring in network.

Credit Decision Solution

Automates credit decisions in sales process. It helps manage credit risk and improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of human error.

BI Analysis For Billing Quality

Produces quality reports on billing quality, allowing the optimisation of profitability via continuous monitoring of the quality of billing.

Revenue Assurance Reporting

Proactively detects potential revenue leakage, allowing revenue and profit optimisation, as well as customer satisfaction due to less errors.

For Business Inquiries

All Qvantel’s services are visible in the daily work in the following concrete ways

Real people provide dedicated expertise in customer teams as an extension to customers’ own teams. They handle the planning, execution and quality management for operations.

Visualization presents real-time view to KPIs (defined with customer) through dashboards. Qvantel also provides analytics and reporting services for the customer to stay on the pulse on the direction and trends in the business.

Web UI based BSS Tool-box makes managing the services easy and flexible.

Our BSS Service Suite provides software solutions as a service frees customers from IT work.

Governance provides dedicated operational and steering meetings with customers.

Expertise is provided whenever new needs arise. Our consulting services are always there to help.

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