Qvantel Flex BSS

The Next Evolution of Digital BSS

Qvantel Flex BSS - Delivering New Levels of Business Agility

  • Cloud-native, no/low code platform designed for digital, 5G, FTTx, and convergent services
  • Supports B2C, B2B, and B2B2X customers as well as supporting new vertical markets
  • No/low code configuration over customisation approach enables significant cost and time-to-market savings

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A New, More Agile Way to Manage and Monetize 5G

5G offers a range of possibilities for service providers, including new business models, new partnerships, and the ability to enter new markets through new B2B2X partnerships.

However, change is accompanied by uncertainty, and because it’s still yet to be seen which 5G use cases will be the most successful ones, CSPs need to plan for the unexpected and have the agility to react quickly and cost-effectively to new opportunities.

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Enabling a Digital-First Approach for FTTx Operators

Qvantel Flex BSS for FTTx enables fixed broadband operators to provide a digital-first approach to their customers. For example, using the app customers can schedule installation visits as well as manage their accounts and purchase new offers. It also provides the agility needed to quickly grow a broadband business, enter new markets, and roll out new offers.

Qvantel Flex BSS for FTTx supports retail and wholesale operators as well as catering for B2C and B2B customers. As well as providing BSS to FTTx operators, Qvantel and their partner, Alvatross by Satec, also joined up to integrate the Qvantel Flex BSS and Alvatross OSS to provide the Digital Fibre Platform. 

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Enabling a Digital-First Approach for FTTx Service Providers

The FTTx market presents attractive growth opportunities for service providers globally. The Qvantel Flex BSS solution for FTTx delivers a digital-first approach to running FTTx businesses. It covers all stages of customer journeys including customer onboarding, service activation, scheduling installation visits, customer care, billing as well as upselling and cross-selling beyond connectivity services.

Qvantel and their partner, Alvatross by Satec, provide the next level of efficiency and agility for FTTx service providers. 

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B2B - Deliver a Digital-First Approach and Open New Revenues

Qvantel Flex supports all sizes of B2B customers. From micro businesses to SMEs to large enterprises and government customers. Qvantel Flex BSS supports complex account hierarchies, and the sales force automation tool ensures that CPQ and order-to-cash processes are handled quickly and easily. It also enables CSPs to sell and bill for anything, enabling the rollout of new ‘beyond connectivity’ services from Cloud and ICT to any other B2B service.

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Digital Brands and MVNOs

Digital brands are a telecoms success story. Using digital channels for customer engagement and not having any legacy stacks to worry about, digital brands have a much lower operating cost than traditional CSPs. They can also reach new customers and markets that have been beyond the reach of their parent companies and deliver market-leading net promotor scores.

Qvantel Flex BSS is used by digital brands and MVNOs to grow their businesses. As CSPs are also diversifying into offering more beyond-connectivity services and implementing new agile, digital systems to support their growth, the same is true for MVNOs who want to grow their revenues.

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Qvantel Flex BSS

Qvantel Flex BSS contains the following key business functions to drive CSP growth.

  Mobile Experience

Configurable digital experience driven by Qvantel Flex framework for rapid evolution.

  CRM for Sales and Care

Powerful and configurable tool-suite for daily sales and customer care with 360 visibility.

  B2B Sales CRM

Lean and telco-optimized sales flow for telco B2B sales teams with smooth integration to product catalog and order management.

  Product Catalog

Visual & powerful commercial catalog for rapid and efficient product management.

  Order Management

Qvantel Flex framework-based order management for efficient, catalog-driven business with high transparency and traceability.

  Revenue Management

Proven billing management with pre-integrations to leading charging systems for today’s and the future’s monetization needs.


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