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Continuous Transformation and the Ability to Monetize Anything

How SaaS and No/Low Code Accelerates CSPs’ Evolution

Download this paper from Qvantel and Nokia to find out how CSPs can monetize 5G experiences, why CSPs are investing in SaaS, and how CSPs can accelerate the rate of innovation with the use of SaaS and no/low code


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Fixed Broadband: How to Win Customers, Differentiate and Increase Revenues
On-demand webinar about 5 key strategies for differentiation and growth

This webinar with Qvantel and Alvatross provides ideas as to how broadband operators can deliver the best digital experience, open new revenues and move beyond differentiation based on network speed.

Continuous Transformation and the Ability to Monetize Anything
How SaaS and No/Low Code Accelerates CSPs’ Evolution

Download this paper from Qvantel and Nokia to find out how CSPs can monetize 5G experiences, why CSPs are investing in SaaS, and how CSPs can accelerate the rate of innovation with the use of SaaS and no/low code

CSPs - How to Get A Bigger Slice Of The US$252 Billion IoT Revenues
How CSPs Can Increase Their Footprint In The IoT Value Chain

IoT represents a significant opportunity for CSPs to increase beyond connectivity revenues. There are many options for CSPs to play a bigger role in the IoT value chain and increase revenues. Read this paper to find out more.

FTTx - Building a Gigabit-Speed Business
Moving from a focus on building the network to building the business

Fibre operators have invested heavily in building networks and now they want to make money from their networks by attracting new customers, providing the best possible experiences and increasing revenues by offering a variety of services beyond connectivity. Read this white paper to find out more.

Using AI to Enable Customer Care Agents to Answer Network Questions
Qvantel & Tupl Brochure: Improving CRM Performance - Turning Care Agents Into Network Experts

The majority of calls to customer care in telecoms concerns network or service issues. Many of these calls go unresolved as care agents don’t have the tools or the expertise to answer such questions. Qvantel has teamed up with AI specialists Tupl to fix this. Download the Qvantel-Tupl paper to find out more.

Qvantel Flex BSS
Delivering New Levels of Business Agility for CSPs

Qvantel Flex BSS is a fully convergent BSS that uses no/low code to deliver new levels of agility for CSPs. It supports all customers, all services and provides a platform for growth for CSPs.

Qvantel & Nokia: Agility to Unlock 5G Monetization
Interview at Digital Transformation World with Jonah Pransky (Nokia) and Jukka Heiska (Qvantel)

91% of CSPs say they miss out on new business opportunities as they can't launch new services and offers quickly enough. Accelerating time to market is a key driver for the growth of low code monetization and BSS solutions to enable CSPs to increase revenues from 5G services. Find out more from Qvantel and Nokia in this video.

Qvantel Flex BSS for B2B
Generate New Revenues and Deliver a Better Experience to B2B Customers

Find out how Qvantel Flex BSS for B2B delivers a digital-first experience for B2B customers and opens up new beyond connectivity revenue streams for CSPs.

Evolution of MVNOs
Qvantel and Nokia White Paper: MVNOs – Multiple Paths for Growth

MVNOs are going beyond their traditional operating models to enter new markets and develop new opportunities. Read this white paper from Qvantel and Nokia to find out what the new opportunities are for MVNOs and how they can be more agile in order to react faster to customer and market advances.

Qvantel Flex Billing
Carrier Grade Billing Service that Enables CSPs to Bill for Anything

38% of calls to customer care in CSPs are about billing and pricing-related issues. As CSPs enter new markets and sell more 'beyond connectivity' digital services, underperforming billing systems will struggle. Read this guide to find out how Qvantel Flex Billing Service provides consistent, carrier-grade, accurate billing and enable CSPs to bill for anything – from telecom services to any digital services as well as physical products.

Generative AI - Enabling CSPs to Deliver a Better Customer Care Experience
Improve Customer Care Performance with a Generative AI Co-Pilot Approach

The majority of customer care calls to mobile CSPs are not resolved on the first call, and many care calls are abandoned before the customer even gets to speak to an agent. With leading analysts like McKinsey forecasting Generative AI enabling productivity gains of 15-40% in customer operations, many CSPs are looking at using Generative AI to help with customer care. This white paper discusses the benefits of using a AI Co-Pilot approach to improve customer care performance.

From Bit Pipe Provider to Taking Centre Stage in the 5G SA Digital Value Chain
How to generate new 5G revenues by selling experience and assurance

5G SA offers an opportunity to move from providing 'best effort' connectivity to guaranteeing speed and latency rates with network slicing. This opens new opportunities for CSPs to sell more digital services backed up with SLAs. Download this white paper to find out how to turn these new opportunities into revenues.

TM Forum Report: Transforming BSS
Find out where CSPs are investing to increase agility

TM Forum surveyed CSPs to find out where they are investing in order to increase agility and accelerate time to market. As well as looking at what steps CSPs are taking in order to open new opportunities it also highlights the emergence of no/low code configurability as the ‘next big thing’ in BSS.

B2B - Growing Revenues Beyond Connectivity
Download white paper about 11 CSP use cases being used to grow new revenues

CSPs are expanding their offers to B2B customers to generate new revenues. Yet some are being held back by legacy systems and ever-increasing technical debt. Download this white paper to read about 11 real-life examples of new services beyond connectivity that CPSs are selling to their B2B customers, how BSS needs to change to help CSPs develop new B2B revenues, and how technical debt can be reduced with a low-risk BSS migration strategy for B2B customers.

The Evolution of 5G and the Impact on BSS
Download white paper that discusses how BSS needs to evolve to support CSPs as they move from 5G NSA to 5G SA and onto 5G Advanced. 

As 5G evolves how CSPs run their business will also evolve. They will have more offers, more partners, more processes and they will need to significantly reduce the time and cost it takes to get new offers developed, deployed and monetized. This will drive change in BSS and how CSPs use BSS to develop new revenues and provide a personalised experience for all their customers.

How CSPs Can Monetize the Metaverse
Download white paper that discusses the opportunities that the metaverse provides for CSPs to open new revenue streams.

While some CSPs have launched metaverse platforms, most are still working on new ideas on how they can monetize the metaverse beyond providing connectivity. Download this white paper to read about the current metaverse offers from some CSPs, the short and medium term evolution of the metaverse, and how CSPs can extend new 5G business models to monetize the metaverse.

5G SA: How to Speed Up Concept to Cash
A joint white paper by Qvantel and Nokia about a new approach to BSS that will answer the need for greater business agility required by stand-alone 5G.

One of the major obstacles in monetising new 5G use cases and entering new markets is legacy systems. This is why CSPs are implementing new BSS and monetisation stacks specifically for 5G. Download this white paper to learn how a pre-integrated 5G SA core, monetisation system and BSS can accelerate 5G monetisation—from concept to cash.

Success Story
Success Story: North African Tier 1 CSP
Customer success story of a Tier 1 CSP operating in Northern Africa

This CSP carried out a BSS transformation replacing multiple legacy stacks. It is now one of the leading CSPs in their country with market leading NPS.

5G - Five New Verticals and Ten Use Cases
A joint white paper by Qvantel and Nokia on new 5G markets

As CSPs enter new markets and develop new use cases, this paper from Qvantel and Nokia highlights opportunities for CSPs in five vertical markets. It discusses ten real-life use cases in these markets, and the impact that 5G, new markets and new use cases will have on monetization and BSS.

Success Story
Success Story: Tier 1 Asian CSP
Customer success story of a digital operator with more than 70 million active subscribers

This Tier 1 CSP is the largest operator in a major Asian country and has over 70 million active subscribers. Read this success story to learn more about the operator's journey from a telecoms operator to a digital operator whose customer base consists largely of digital natives 25 years old or younger.

10 Ways BSS is Enabling New Telco Strategies
Download white paper on how telcos are using BSS to change strategic direction

As CSPs move beyond connectivity, how they are using BSS is changing to reflect their new strategic goals. Download this white paper to learn how the use of BSS is changing to support various areas such as hyper-personalisation, convergence, experimentation with new 5G use cases, and use of no/low code to delivery agility.

Digitalisation of B2B – Quick Wins in the SME Market
A joint white paper by Qvantel and MATRIXX Software on the digitalisation of B2B

SMEs make up the vast majority of B2B customers, but in many cases they still have to go through a call centre when engaging with their CSPs. This is costing SMEs and the CSPs time and money. Download this white paper from Qvantel and MATRIXX to learn how to move from ‘call now’ to ‘buy now’ for sales for new SME customers, how to develop a roadmap for digitalisation of B2B customers – starting with SMEs, and what the 5 drivers for change in the B2B market are.

Fixed Broadband and the Importance of a Digital-First Customer Experience
On-demand webinar with Martin Morgan (Qvantel) and Roland Leners (Alvatross by Satec)

Martin Morgan and Roland Leners talk about how a digital-first approach delivers a better customer experience for fixed broadband customers.

Digital Fibre Platform
Joint offer for FTTx built on Qvantel Flex BSS and Alvatross by Satec

An integrated BSS /OSS platform designed for fixed fibre and broadband operators. Digital-first system enables fibre operators new levels of agility to deliver the best digital customer experience.

Cloud Billing
The foundation for the era of subscription of everything

Learn about new subscription models, the move from product line billing to converged billing to cloud billing, and how CSPs and their partners can build value for customers in the subscription economy.

No/Low Code BSS and Monetization of the 5G Economy
Helping service providers take center stage in the 5G value chain

Find out how a no/low code approach can deliver unmatched levels of agility and how CSPs can harness this agility to innovate and take center stage in the 5G value chain

No/Low Code is a No Brainer for Monetization Systems
On-Demand webinar with Tony Regan (Qvantel) and Jonah Pransky (Nokia), originally live-streamed on Tuesday, January 25, 2022

In order to enable CSPs to experiment with new 5G business models, offers, and processes, a no/low code approach to monetization and BSS is needed. Join this webinar with Qvantel and Nokia to find out why no/low code massively reduces software change timescales and costs and is a no brainer for 5G monetization and BSS.

Building a Digital-First Business and the Evolution of BSS
On-Demand webinar with WINDTRE CTO and Qvantel CEO and CTO

View this webinar to hear from WINDTRE CTO, Benoit Hanssen on how to re-write the rules of engagement and create a successful digital-first service provider.

Success Story
Success Story: Global Telco Group
Customer success story of a global telco group operating in the EMEA region.

Qvantel carried out six BSS transformations for this global telecoms group. This group's CSPs are now some of the leading digital operators in the world and provide a wide range of 'beyond connectivity' digital services to their customers.

Digital Monetization Solution
Joint offering by Qvantel and Nokia

The joint Qvantel and Nokia digital monetization solution is built using Nokia’s Convergent Charging and Qvantel Flex BSS. The no/low code foundation provides the next level of agility that service providers will need to grow in the 5G economy.

Success Story
Success Story: Tier 1 European CSP
Customer success story of a Tier 1 CSP based in Europe.

Qvantel delivered a full digital transformation for this major European Telco. The offering includes B2C & B2B for both post and prepaid. Read more about Qvantel's solid track record that includes one of the biggest single-shot migrations in European telco history.

Success Story
Success Story: Very Mobile
Customer success story of Very Mobile, an Italian digital greenfield solution based market challenger.

Very Mobile, a digital sub-brand of Wind Tre, was launched in February 2020. It provides advanced zero-human-touch onboarding with video authentication and eSIM through its real-time BSS architecture with open APIs. The operator's highly automated and cost-optimal service model allows significant savings versus traditional managed services. Click to read more.

Success Story
Success Story: DNA
Customer success story of DNA, a leading CSP in Finland with the highest mobile data usage in Europe

Read about DNA Finland's BSS transformation to enable growth of data usage, ARPU, and service revenues

Digital Sub-Brand Evolution
20 service provider use cases—driven by marketing and technology innovation

Read about 20 operator use-cases that showcase the success of digital sub-brands

Success Story
Success Story: South Asian Tier 1 CSP
Customer success story of an operator that transformed from a mobile operator to a digital operator

Qvantel transformed the BSS for this tier 1 CSP and provided the foundation for them to become a digital operator. This operator is now growing twice as fast as its competitors.

Enabling Hyper-Agility With No/Low Code BSS
Qvantel Flex BSS: The next evolution of BSS

Learn how no/low code BSS is driving the evolution of BSS and delivering new levels of agility to service providers

No/Low Code And Cloud-Based Monetization Of The 5G Economy

Find out from Qvantel, Nokia and AWS how to generate new revenues in the 5G economy

Organic Migration To Digital
Using digital 2nd brand and organic migration as a smart and low-risk approach to transform legacy BSS

Learn how to remove the legacy headache from BSS transformation by using sub-brand Digital BSS as a parallel stack

Unleash the Power of a Greenfield Digital Brand
The low risk, fast to market solution to win market share and compete against challengers and incumbents

Learn how service providers are going digital first with second brands

Your BSS Is Broken
Rebuilding the business of telecommunications

Find out why the traditional approach to BSS is no longer fit for purpose and what the new alternative is for the digital and 5G eras

Choosing The Blueprint For Your Digital Customer Experience
GlobalData and Qvantel Whitepaper on the need for digital transformation of service providers to succeed in today's business environment

This whitepaper briefly outlines the need for digital transformation, provides examples of the KPIs different telcos use to measure that transformation, and outlines the necessary features of a transformation strategy as well as the IT solutions needed to effect it. Finally, it reviews the various models telcos use to migrate from their legacy systems to modern transformed systems to enjoy the business, technical, and customer benefits of the transformation.