Digital Sub-Brand Evolution

20 Service Provider Use Cases—Driven By Marketing And Technology Innovation



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Building a Digital-First Business and the Evolution of BSS
Webinar on Dec 14, 2021 with WINDTRE CTO and Qvantel CEO and CTO

Register for this webinar to hear from WINDTRE CTO, Benoit Hanssen on how to re-write the rules of engagement and create a successful digital-first service provider.

Digital Monetization Solution
Joint offering by Qvantel and Nokia

The joint Qvantel and Nokia digital monetization solution is built using Nokia’s Convergent Charging and Qvantel Flex BSS. The no-code foundation provides the next level of agility that service providers will need to grow in the 5G economy.

Success Story
Success Story: Tier 1 CSP
Customer success story of a Tier 1 CSP based in Europe.

Qvantel has delivered five full digital transformations for this major European Telco Group. The offering includes B2C & B2B for both post and prepaid. Read more about Qvantel's solid track record that includes the biggest single-shot migration in telco history, BSS cost reduction by over 50%, and top-up errors dropping from 40% to 0.001% from Day 1 after the full swap.

Success Story
Success Story: XL Axiata
Customer success story of XL Axiata, Indonesia's second-largest telco.

Qvantel delivered XL Axiata E2E BSS for B2C, B2B, and B2B2C (billing & rating included) for its fixed-line customers. Click to read the whole story.

Success Story
Success Story: Very Mobile
Customer success story of Very Mobile, an Italian digital greenfield solution based market challenger.

Very Mobile, a brand of CK Hutchison, was launched in February 2020. It provides advanced zero-human-touch onboarding with video authentication and eSIM through its real-time BSS architecture with open APIs. The operator's highly automated and cost-optimal service model allows significant savings versus traditional managed services. Click to read more.

Success Story
Success Story: DNA
Customer success story of DNA, a leading CSP in Finland with the highest mobile data usage in the world

Read about DNA Finland's BSS transformation to enable growth of data usage, ARPU, and service revenues

Digital Sub-Brand Evolution
20 service provider use cases—driven by marketing and technology innovation

Read about 20 operator use-cases that showcase the success of digital sub-brands

Enabling Hyper-Agility With No-Code BSS
Qvantel Flex BSS: The next evolution of BSS

Learn how no-code BSS is driving the evolution of BSS and delivering new levels of agility to service providers

No-Code And Cloud-Based Monetization Of The 5G Economy

Find out from Qvantel, Nokia and AWS how to generate new revenues in the 5G economy

Organic Migration To Digital
Using digital 2nd brand and organic migration as a smart and low-risk approach to transform legacy BSS

Learn how to remove the legacy headache from BSS transformation by using sub-brand Digital BSS as a parallel stack

Unleash the Power of a Greenfield Digital Brand
The low risk, fast to market solution to win market share and compete against challengers and incumbents

Learn how service providers are going digital first with second brands

Your BSS Is Broken
Rebuilding the business of telecommunications

Find out why the traditional approach to BSS is no longer fit for purpose and what the new alternative is for the digital and 5G eras