Qvantel Flex Customer Care Copilot

Improve Performance with AI-Assisted Customer Care

Can AI Improve Customer Care Performance by 40%?

By extending the proven customer care function in our BSS that gives a 360° view of customer activity with generative AI, we created Qvantel Flex Customer Care Copilot. Leading analyst firm McKinsey has forecast that AI can increase productivity by 15 -40% and one of the areas where AI will deliver the most value is customer operations.

To find out more, download our white paper on using generative AI to improve customer care performance.

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Improve First Call Resolution Rates and Deliver a Better Care Experience

There are many ways that Qvantel Flex Customer Care Copilot can improve customer care performance. While AI-driven chatbots can address an increasing part of customer needs on the spot, often customers still want to talk to a human. This is an important opportunity for delivering great customer service and upselling & cross-selling services for driving growth.

The next level of customer care efficiency can be achieved with AI. An example could include AI-driven smart routing of the customer—based on sentiment analysis—to a suitable agent. AI can provide the agent with a smart briefing of the interaction history and customer intent, as well as provide ready-made suggestions for the response and next best actions. This enables the agent to excel and deliver the best service experience.

See How Copilot Works – Request a Demo

The best way to see how Qvantel Flex Customer Care Copilot helps your customer care team is to see the solution in action. Request a demo and we’ll be in touch to schedule a time at your convenience.

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