Digital Transformations

Supporting a Range of Transformation Strategies

Qvantel Flex BSS supports any size of CSP. Qvantel's track record includes delivering full-scale BSS transformations for tier 1 CSPs to rolling out new greenfield stacks for 5G SA and digital brands. We support a range of options including:

  Greenfield Launch

Implementing a new greenfield stack and migrating customers from legacy stacks over time can be preferred option to get rid of legacy system bottlenecks. This approach is best suited to systems to new technologies like 5G and also for new brands, such as digital sub-brands and new B2B brands.

  Full Transformation

Powerful digital BSS for multiple lines of business with rich business features, configurability, and future-proof, cloud-native foundation. Perfect for CSPs to become fully digital and break free from legacy BSS.


  Enterprise Enablement

Business optimized BSS solution for efficient and lean way to launch and grow B2B business. Tap into new revenue streams with expansion to B2B2X, 5G, and IoT for enterprise.

  Cloud Billing

Award-winning system supporting end-to-end billing processes even for the most challenging and complex business. A perfect fit when your monetization landscape needs transformation due to 5G.

Overcome Challenges of Legacy BSS Replacement


Two Main Types of Legacy Transformations 

Phased Transformation

Legacy BSS is replaced in Phases

Ideal for CSPs with high customer volumes, complex legacy IT landscape, and multiple lines of business

"Big Bang" Transformation

One Time Swap from Legacy BSS to New BSS

Ideal for CSPs with smaller customer volumes, complex legacy IT landscape,
and multiple lines of business.



Discover the Best Way to Take the Leap from Complex IT Legacy to a New All-Digital Business

Today’s Operators are under enormous pressure to modernize their BSS systems to reduce costs, enable new revenue streams, and improve customer satisfaction. Falling revenues from traditional services and competition from new entrants are squeezing profits and requirements from newer technologies like 5G and IoT demand capabilities that their legacy BSS cannot handle.

Many in the industry are now faced with : 

 High Legacy IT Complexity  
●  Slow Time To Market  
●  High Maintenance Cost  
●  Slow Adoption of New Features  
●  Low level of Digitalization and Automation  
●  Vendor Lock-in & Data Hostage Situation  
 Legacy IT End-of-life Risks

Finding a way to move from this challenging state to automated, digital, clean IT, and business architecture is a very difficult mission.

Qvantel has led multiple industry-leading 
telcos to address this challenge and successfully transformed their Legacy into a new digital future via:

1) Big Bang “Switch off / Switch On” change of the BSS system (even with migration of tens of millions of subscribers)


2) Phased Transformations (where the new, digital platform is introduced in phases to automate and digitalize one 
business line at the time, and with phased migrations of existing customers to the new system).

Take the Low-Risk Approach to BSS Transformation

One of the main barriers to digital transformation is legacy systems. By removing this barrier, CSPs can take out the main elements of risk in a transformation program. Also, the increased digital literacy of consumers means that the digital-first approach used by digital sub-brands is now relevant to the majority of consumers. As such, CSPs are reviewing their BSS strategies to see if launching a digital sub-brand and use of the same digital BSS for the parent telco brand can be a winning strategy. This involves migrating legacy BSS to Digital BSS using a low-risk organic and commercial approach.

The use of no-code Digital BSS provides the foundation for this low-risk transformation approach and can be tied in new 5G offers to drive organic migration for existing customers. This organic approach to transformation removes the legacy headache from BSS transformation.

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Accelerate Your Digitalization with a Greenfield Approach

"Launching a Digital Parallel or Sub-Brand is an effective way for Telcos to target new markets and create differentiated offers from their existing brands and with significantly lower Customer Acquisition Costs."



Telco Operators Are Facing Fierce Competition


Many Operators around the globe are increasingly losing business to both new entrants in the market, as well as incumbent competing Telcos who are launching digital propositions. 

They must move quickly with a compelling digital solution to be able to win market share and stay competitive.

A Digital Sub-Brand or Parallel Brand Can Win the Competitive Advantage


The Qvantel Flex BSS platform provides a low-risk and fast way for challenged Telcos to quickly launch a pure digital proposition at a low operating cost and without the constraints and challenges of legacy BSS.

This "Digital Express" approach is optimized for enabling telcos to go to market quickly with a fully digital, self-service oriented proposition and a seamless path to expand from the initial business scope to include additional business lines, new segments, geographies, and additional brands if needed. 

A new digital proposition launched as a Greenfield MVNO, Parallel- or Sub-Brand can give you the advantage of:

●  Aggressive Pricing 
●  Easy digital self-service experience 
●  Focused segmentation (e.g. Youth, Media Usage, Bundles, etc) 

●  Vastly improved levels of cost-efficiency and agility 
●  Modern and flexible digital platform for rapid changes
●  SaaS from the Cloud


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