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Overview of

Qvantel Flex BSS

We Leverage Industry-Leading Cloud Capabilities and Modern Technology for Maximum Efficiency

  • Cloud Native (with microservices)

  • Customer Journeys (300+ industry best practice cases ready out-of-the-box)

  • Multiple Business Lines (B2C, B2B, Cloud, and Fixed Line)

  • Includes Qvantel Flex with unique features that dramatically reduce the time, effort, and cost needed to implement your business processes or changes


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Digital Sales & Care


All Qvantel Digital Channel applications are seamlessly integrated with Qvantel Flex to provide 100% flexibility to adapt Business Processes and Rules.

The Qvantel Mobile App enables a disruptively fast eSIM-based digital onboarding and allows the users to choose their own way of shopping and managing their services -  all in one place.

Digital Customer Service (Chat, Cases) and Bots are seamlessly integrated to the full digital, mobile-first customer experience.


Assisted Sales & Care


POS Order Capture

The Qvantel POS Order Capture tool provides Operators' Point-of-Sales representatives with all necessary functionalities for customer onboarding, as well as in life cross- and up-sales, across B2C and SMB customer segments.


Care Toolbox

The Qvantel 360 Care Toolbox empowers DSP's front and back-office teams to proactively drive customer interactions and account operations, in such cases where despite focusing on digital self-care, assistance is needed.


B2B Sales CRM

Qvantel B2B Sales CRM enriches enterprise engagements and sales processes with salesforce automation and customer relationship management capabilities from Lead to Order. Qvantel B2B Sales CRM is fully integrated with Revenue Management to provide Order to Cash solution.


Messaging Channels & 3PP Integrations


Message Management

The Qvantel Message Manager enables operator's marketing, service fulfillment, and relationship nurturing activities by integrating customer email, Push notifications and SMS content editing, testing and sending needs in one configurable service. With this unified communication service DSP will always have full 360-view for the customer communication. Communication history is always visible for front- and back-office personnel.


Messaging Integrations

The Qvantel BSS solution provides integration possibility to a wide variety of communication channels towards your customers such as chatbot, Email, Push notifications, SMS and USSD and Social Media channels (optional 3PP solution).


High-Performance Data


Open BSS API with High Performance Data

The Qvantel BSS API provides powerful API for both external use and system level integrations, forming a unified information and data integration layer powered by high-performance data access to key BSS data domains. Qvantel Open BSS Api follows TMF SID principles.


Use Case API

The Qvantel Use Case API provides clients (e.g., channel applications) with simple and easy to use API that is aligned with modern telecom customer journeys and use cases.


Stream API

The Qvantel Stream API is elemental part of the event and data driven BSS ecosystem and enables real-time flow of BSS events to any external components (i.e. DWH or Big Data systems, notification components, rule engines).


API Gateway

The Qvantel API Gateway act as an aggregator for many micro services providing functionalities: aggregate, transform, filter, decode, throttle, auth, and more.


Business Logic / Configurability

Qvantel Flex

Qvantel Flex BSS brings a disruptive paradigm for how BSS capabilities are implemented and managed in a flexible, business-friendly way. Using Flow Engines (Processes) and Rule Engines for real-time business process modelling, Flex provides easy-to-use tools with graphical UIs that enable our customers to be agile and competitive in daily business operations.

Qvantel Flex is an innovative solution that increases operator autonomy and helps reconcile the business needs and IT needs with faster Time to Market, lower Total Cost of Ownership, and no coding required.

Eligibility & Options Engines

The Qvantel Eligibility & Options Engines are rule engines based on configurable rule engine framework that enables automated, high-speed, high-quality business decisions best suitable in a given sales or care context.

Credit Decision Tool

The Qvantel Credit Decision Tool is a configurable credit scoring decision engine, which enables automated, high-speed, high-quality credit decisions, and customer screenings for B2C and B2B sales processes. The Credit Decision combines data from many data sources (internal and external) to optimize the decision quality.


Data & Insight

Cloud Analytics Framework

The Qvantel Cloud Analytics Framework is a set of technologies, tools, and algorithms to transform data and integrate different cloud analytics pipelines, data lakes, or external data warehouses. With Qvantel analytics solution the data can be anonymized and managed in secure manner. 

Business application examples:

  • DWH
  • Real-time business information dashboards
  • Real-time data streaming based AI/ML
  • Churn prediction
  • Campaigns
  • Segmentation and classification
  • Fraud detection

Cloud Platform & 3PP Integrations

The Qvantel BSS solution provides flexible integration points to different cloud platform providers and 3rd party system providers.


Product & Order Management

Product Management

Product Catalog Designer

The Qvantel Product Catalog enables catalog-driven business model by acting as the commercial, technical and fulfilment catalog of the digital BSS solution. It contains easy to use catalog designer for creation and maintenance of catalog resources, services, products and offerings, ensuring fast time-to-market.

Product Catalog Deployer

The Qvantel Product Catalog Deployer is part of the Qvantel Product Catalog which allows managing versioning and deployment of product catalog configurations to different environments (e.g., staging, production).

Smart Basket

The Qvantel Smart Basket provides channel back-end features including pricing, basket validation and basket persistence for enabling customer omnichannel experience.

Order Management

Order Fulfillment

Qvantel Order Management enable catalog driven order fulfillment orchestration of product and service orders, including the sending of fulfilment requests to integrated internal and external systems. It includes dedicated features for tracking, order fallout management and handling of customer orders by back-office teams.

Order Tracking

Qvantel Track and Trace enables real-time order process tracking and management for back-office teams. The tool provides for each customer order a structural view including order item to event breakdown, their individual states in the execution of the order process flow, as well as access to take necessary actions for progressing the order.

OSS Viewer

Qvantel OSS Viewer is a tool for displaying mobile subscriptions' OSS network parameters for technically oriented customer service agents and network specialists.

Service & Resource Management

Qvantel Resource & Service Inventory enables the lifecycle management of the physical and logical resources that are related to a mobile and fixed offering, such as MSISDNs, SIM cards and Devices.


Revenue Management


Billing Management

Qvantel Billing Management provides the necessary tools and capabilities for service providers to provide quality billing experience for both business and consumer customers. Billing Management collects billable events (usage, charges, adjustments, possible external billable events) and applies configured business rules to enrich billable events and the account statement with currency handling, taxation, accounting, fees, discounts, interests, over payments and advance payments. Qvantel Billing Management produces invoice data for invoice delivery and rendering.


Rating Management

Qvantel Rating Management provides functionality for calculating usage charges for different types of transactions (time based, quantity based, data amount based, content based etc.) and for applying these charges to the subscriber. Rating receives usage events and applies correct usage charges according to customer or subscriber specific prices and pricing rules.


Accounts Receivable

Qvantel Account Receivable provides the necessary tools and capabilities for managing invoices, payments and balances and for controlling the cash and revenue flows. Invoices with postings are processed by the Account Receivables after billing. In addition to balance and payment management, Qvantel Account Receivables can be complemented with Collection Management.


Customer Management

Customer information Management

Qvantel Customer Information Management is in charge of CRM orchestration, customer information and CRM data configuration capabilities.

Interaction Management

Qvantel Interaction Management provides capabilities for logging, viewing, tracking, reporting, and leveraging the knowledge about, or the trace of, business processes and party interactions that the BSS system handles.

Transactional Document Management System

Qvantel Document Manager application is part of the Transactional Document Management System, which allows generating and managing transactional document templates that are used in the various applications of the BSS system. It creates formatted documents from templates, delivers, and stores documents in the desired formats.

The Qvantel Document Storage application is part of the Transactional Document Management System, which allows for uploading, storing and retrieving documents with configurable uploading policies, including integrations to external systems (via BSS API).

Case Management

Qvantel Case Management enables back-office handling customer issues and recording their reasons and resolution paths based on defined business interaction logic.

Knowledge Management

The Qvantel Knowledge Management tool makes sure that business-critical information is up-to-date and available across the organization, by providing back-office teams means for creating and managing knowledge, such as FAQ and knowledge base.



Cloud Platform Management


Qvantel Cloud platform provides cost efficient open source driven solution to run micro service based Digital BSS in multi-cloud environments. It supports all cloud options: On-Prem, Public-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud.

The Qvantel Cloud Platform manages and orchestrates containerised workloads and services, supporting distributed computing. Its micro service architecture enables:

  • Container orchestration
  • Service discovery
  • Key-value storage for application and platform parameters
  • Automatic health monitoring
  • Restart of failed containers
  • Automatic relocation of containers/services in case of hardware failure
  • Centralized log collection
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Easy-/auto-scalability
  • Easy and zero-downtime deployments and upgrades

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