Qvantel Flex BSS

The Next Evolution of Digital BSS

Pioneering the Use of No-Code in Telecoms

  • Cloud-native, no-code platform designed for the digital revolution
  • Democratizes BSS by enabling service providers' business and IT users to set up offers, develop processes, and make business changes at an unprecedented speed and efficiency
  • No-code configurability enables cost and time-to-market savings of up to 80% in comparison to a change request centric, traditional telco industry model

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Qvantel Flex BSS: End-to-End Digital BSS

Qvantel Flex BSS contains the following functions:

  Mobile App

No-code, configurable digital experience driven by Qvantel Flex framework for rapid evolution

  CRM for Sales and Care

Powerful and configurable tool-suite for daily sales and customer care with 360 visibility

  B2B Sales CRM

Lean and telco-optimized sales flow for telco B2B sales teams with smooth integration to product catalog and order management

  Product Catalog

Visual & powerful commercial catalog for rapid and efficient product management

  Order Management

Qvantel Flex framework-based order management for efficient, catalog-driven business with high transparency and traceability

  Revenue Management

Proven billing management with pre-integrations to leading 5G charging systems for today’s and the future’s monetization needs.

Supporting a Range of Transformation Strategies

Qvantel Flex BSS supports any size of service provider. Qvantel's track record includes delivering full-scale BSS transformations for tier 1 CSPs to rolling out new greenfield sub-brands. We support a range of options including:

  Digital Greenfield Launch

No-code configurable digital experience driven by Qvantel Flex framework for rapid launch of digital greenfield telcos or digital sub-brands. Perfect fit for fighter brands, segment-specific digital brands, or as a first step to a wider transformation journey.

  Full Transformation

Powerful digital BSS for multiple lines of business with rich business features, no-code configurability, and future-proof, cloud-native foundation. Perfect for service providers to become fully digital and break free from legacy BSS.

Qvantel Flex BSS - Strategic Insights


Launching a Digital Brand with Qvantel Flex BSS

To speed up the pace of digitalization and address the challenges of outdated legacy systems, many CSPs have increasingly decided to adopt a Digital Greenfield Brand business strategy, where they create and launch new, dedicated digital propositions to the market as second brands or sub-brands. This involves new modern systems, a dedicated team to operate in a new agile way, and perhaps most importantly - no legacy. They can start as a digital business from day one.

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Enabling the Best Customer Experience

  • Delivering the best experience at all touchpoints on customers' digital journeys requires a fully digital, event-driven platform with open APIs that delivers a personalized experience over any channel
  • Qvantel Flex BSS comes with over 300 out-of-the-box use cases that support best-practice customer journeys across multiple business lines
  • No-code configurability enables service providers to constantly refine and develop new process to deliver the best customer experience available in an every-changing market
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Introducing BizOps

BizOps (Business Operations) is a way of working where non-developers can utilize no-code approach to make rapid changes to BSS, such as develop, launch, and test new offers and new business processes.

  • Move to low-risk, agile business operations with quick incremental changes
  • Empower your business to easily adapt and self-manage BSS to meet your needs on your timeline
  • Break away from the traditionally costly and slow change request model. BizOps enables rapid changes in-house by the CSP's own teams
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5G Needs a New Approach to BSS

Stand-alone 5G offers a range of possibilities for service providers, including new business models, new partnerships, and the ability to enter new markets through novel B2B2X domains.

However, change is accompanied by uncertainty, and because it’s still yet to be seen which 5G use cases will be the most successful ones, CSPs need to plan for the unexpected and have the agility to react quickly and cost-effectively to new opportunities.


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