Qvantel is a designer of the digital world. With our unique full-stack BSS offering you get future-proof digital CSP tools to attract and engage your customers, innovate your services and products, and manage your revenue streams. In short, Qvantel helps you to manage the complete customer lifecycle with operational tools that simply work.

Qvantel helps you excel on customer experience and improves your business performance.

Our business acceleration services provide you your domain specific consultancy to further advance your business to stand out from your competitors. Dedicated customer teams offer service management, and our experts take care of your selected business processes – as a service. We also design and deliver future evolution in co-creation with you.

We are the angels of automation.

Qvantel’s full BSS stack supports your business on a daily basis and our automated fulfilment process and catalogue driven order orchestration makes your life easier. Our stack supports your needs to engage and serve both, B2B and B2C clients with ease and efficiency. We also address your evolving needs in engaging your customers through genuine omnichannel platforms.

Commitment means everything to us – because we truly care.

We are fully committed to our customer and partner relationships to improve their business performance. We do not give up when the going gets tough, because we have the competence and openness to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.

With Qvantel you can become a leaders of radical changes in the Communications Service Provider business environment. We help you to continuously maintain agility and flexibility in your operations that your company’s growth requires. We dare to do things differently – and always ensure you can fully focus on your core business.

Qvantel Group is headquartered in Finland –  and rapidly grows its global service footprint.

Qvantel currently has core business operations in Finland, Sweden, India, and USA. In addition, we maintain local support offices in our customer markets.

Our USA expansion is an important strategic step to grow and complement our BSS offerings, leveraging their unique, powerful platform. The local operations are led by two seasoned telecoms executives Donald Workman (SVP Americas and Global Transformations) and Robert K. Pucci (CTO Americas and Global Transformations Delivery), who have a solid track record and an in-depth knowledge of the US and global telecoms market.


Management Team

Ove Anebygd

Chief Executive Officer

Karri Linna

Chief Operating Officer


Ryan Gold

Chief Operations Officer


Niilo Neuvo

Chief Technology Officer


Taina Markiala

Chief Human Resources Officer


Mahender Nandikonda

Chief Sales Officer


Kai Keinänen

Director, Products


Kaj Wikström

Chief Financial Officer


Teemu Peltonen

Director, Delivery



Qvantel is a global 20-year-old IT company whose roots are in the pre-internet era in Finland. The company was founded in 1995 as Starnet Systems and in the early years it was focused on Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) billing software for Scandinavian teleoperators.

In 1995 the company got its first telecommunication company client, NordNet. During the next years TDC (previously Tele1 Europe) became a customer who helped the company to expand to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

In 2000 the focus turned to managing the customer’s BSS IT processes, which was one of the key turning points in the company’s history. Already in the year 2000, Starnet Systems’ customers were able to outsource critical business processes to the company, for example billing processes.

Starnet Systems was acquired by Qvantel in 2008 and the name was changed into Qvantel. The merger turned Qvantel to be an international player with presence in India and a more global customer base.

The company kept on growing – in December 2013 Qvantel and Onesto Services signed a merger agreement. This further strengthened Qvantel’s offering towards its Service Provider customers to offer designed service concepts where UX design and IT engineering meet. With Onesto, Qvantel gained special BSS stand-alone solutions such as B2B Sales CRM, prepaid integration, credit scoring and sales force management tools. Merger with Onesto gave a wider solution portfolio for Qvantel’s customers.

In 2016, Qvantel further stepped up its global presence by opening an office in the USA that will serve the fast growing telecommunications market in the region.

Today Qvantel Group employs approximately 600+ professionals in Finland, India, Sweden, USA, Estonia, and Spain.

This history laid the foundation for the future-oriented, global company Qvantel is today. Qvantel’s customers and their needs will propel us into the Qvantel of tomorrow.

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Mahender Nandikonda
+358 20 744 9500

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