Delivering new levels of business agility to CSPs with cloud-native, no-code Qvantel Flex BSS.

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Qvantel Flex BSS: Pioneering No-Code BSS

Qvantel Flex BSS is the next evolution of BSS. Through the use of a no-code graphic interface, Qvantel Flex BSS gives control to service providers and removes many of the time consuming and expensive change requests. It takes agility to the next level and enables CSPs to maximize the return from new opportunities and deliver the best customer experience possible.

Built using open, cloud-native, and microservices-based technology, Qvantel Flex BSS redefines how CSPs can run their business and operations for a new level of autonomy, faster time to market, and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.


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No-Code BSS for 4G/5G, Fixed-Line, Content, and Convergence

CSPs use Qvantel Flex BSS to deliver agility for mobile, fixed, and content/TV services. Flex is built to support multiple lines of business and enables CSPs to provide convergent offers. A single sales and CRM toolkit and a convergent product catalog delivers a single view of the customer for all services and provides convergent billing and revenue management. Plus the agile design of Qvantel Flex BSS enables CSPs to add new lines of business as separate offerings and as part of convergent offers.






Cloud-Native Digital BSS

Built using microservices, Qvantel Flex BSS supports a range of cloud environments. From public to private to hybrid, Flex was built for the cloud. This provides infinite scalability and resilience to support the growth plans of any service provider regardless of size. We also provide continuous microservices updates and our open API-driven approach enables Qvantel Flex BSS to integrate into any wider platform or 5G ecosystem.


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5G - Five New Verticals and Ten Use Cases

A joint white paper by Qvantel and Nokia on new 5G markets

As CSPs enter new markets and develop new use cases, this paper from Qvantel and Nokia highlights opportunities for CSPs in five vertical markets. It discusses ten real-life use cases in these markets, and the impact that 5G, new markets and new use cases will have on monetization and BSS.


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