“Monetisation-of-things” – a theme for MWC 2016?

Mobile World Congress 2015 painted an interesting vision on how digitalisation will change the way we experience everyday life. Especially IoT, Internet of Things, was the buzzword of the conference. It’s somewhat abstract but there were several cool, nice innovations in the show.

Amount of connected electronics and gadgets around us will be phenomenal if every vision from MWC will become reality. This creates a tremendous opportunity to innovate how to monetise that all.

If the visions from MWC will come true, we will have our breakfast in connected smart kitchen, smart mirror will tell observations about our health in the bathroom, we will wear quite a lot of gadgets on us – ranging from smart watches to smart glasses and even necklaces that can project news and updates to the palm of our hand with pico-projectors. Our homes will have also simple practical solutions like locks protected by fingerprints and simple, single purpose physical buttons that senior or junior members can press and trigger pre-programmed actions e.g. in the event of needing help.

Which of these will we really need and which of the innovations will truly break through? Probably the same will happen as with the web, internet and apps during the last decades. We will not know in advance. But those companies that are most agile, hungry and have flexible operations to try things out will eventually win.

Because of this opportunity and need of being agile to try different service bundles and monetisation models out, and seek efficiency in this transformation, Qvantel is more excited than ever about its unique service model for operator BSS services. Our service model enables operators to have customised service solutions, reach exceptional efficiency levels and focus on business planning – while our agile customer teams takes care of the operational aspects. This is a powerful model to get ready for the new age of digitalisation in the telecom market. We can not wait to get back to MWC 2016 (to the same, excellent location at the exhibition hall by the way!) and help the operator market to move from the IoT buzz to truly monetising the increasing amount of connectivity and richness of digital services.

In MWC 2015, Qvantel was presenting its unique service model for providing BSS as a service – which is known for its ability to make a major impact to efficiency.

BSS as a service from Qvantel includes full BSS stack from order to revenue with 24/7 service operation. The service model reduces the cost used for BSS, enables fast campaigns and product launches, and enables reliable revenue management. Also, fast call resolution times are possible with easy-to-use and advanced Customer Management tools.

In MWC 2015, Qvantel also demonstrated solutions in the following focus areas:
• Credit decision tool
• Sales CRM to improve B2B sales processes
• Orchestrated and controlled top-up provisioning: Top-up gateway
• Enterprise BI-concept (EBI)

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